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How to Install Solid Timber Flooring

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Solid Timber Flooring

Solid timber and hard wood floors, all provide a great warmth to your home’s floors. It also can help increase the value of your home and really helps to spice up rooms such as bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, and more.

There are different installation techniques involved in how to install solid timber flooring that you should know about, whether you need to purchase timber flooring Melbourne or want to do it yourself- here are steps for installing it:

First Step: Before You Get Started

A few things you need to do before installing your new timber flooring is that you need to certify that the sub-flooring is level and even. Another thing is that the new timber should be acclimated to the temperature that is in the room that you are installing it in.

Second Step: Timber Flooring Installation

You will start out building your very first row by choosing the most-straight planks. You will want to arrange them so that the tongue side faces the inside/center of the room. Inside the gap, you will be placing your spacers accordingly so that they can accommodate when the humidity, heat, and coolness makes the wood expand.

Third Step: Timber Flooring Installation

Many times depending on the type of timber flooring you will have to nail or interlock pieces of the planks to install them. Most times if you are nailing the wood you will want to nail the wood closest to the wood first, and then you will counter-sink the nails and use putty to make it look nice. Around the tongue part of the planks you will be nailing the nails at a forty five degree angle. But you need to watch out so the nails do not muck up the board extensions between them.

Fourth Step: Timber Flooring Installation

When you arrive at your second row of planks, you will being locking the grooves and tongue together by tapping lightly with a block or mallet. The ends should be staggered at a space of 6 inches to give space between two adjoined planks. If need be, do cut board to resize it so that the pattern looks aligned and pleasant.

Fifth Step: Timber Flooring Installation

After you have interlocked the planks and adjoined them, you will continue to do the last remaining plank rows t manually nailing them again. You will most likely need to trim the board to size, when you arrive at the last row. Take account for the distance of the board from the wall- and remember the spacer as well.

Final Step: Timber Flooring Installation

You will then proceed to the installation of the pieces which help to transition the floors to other types of floorings and room openings. Remove the spacers. Replace crown molding and baseboards. Make sure these are fixated to the wall instead of the flooring for best results.

Timber Flooring Installation Melbourne: Your Options

If the above instructions for timber flooring installation intimidates you and is too much for you to absorb- you can always employ the assistance of a viable contractor that is skilled in timber flooring installation.

Sometimes it is just better to leave the complexities to the experts who can perform this task in a flash without glitch or compromising the beautiful wood flooring you have invested your money into.